Dr Éanna Johnson has undertaken research in Catholic catechesis in Ireland, including programmes, publications, and learning assessment. This research is offered to serve renewal of catechesis in Ireland and the handing on of authentic Catholic faith at all levels – adults, youth and children.

A significant component of Dr Johnson’s research was a theological and pedagogical analysis of the programme in use since 1996 in Ireland’s Catholic primary schools, the Alive-O Programme, for which he was awarded in 2011 a PhD in Theology by the Pontifical University, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland. The PhD dissertation is available in the Library at St Patrick’s College (location: THSES L.O.4897) or online through this link: http://eprints.nuim.ie/3076/

Éanna Johnson wishes to make available to interested parties through this website the results of his research and analyses, in the interests of catechetical renewal. This website features articles, reviews, commentaries, and other writings relevant to the general area of Catholic catechesis.