Alive-O Legacy – Let the Children Come to Me?

The Alive-O Programme is a catechetical series introduced into Ireland’s Catholic primary schools in 1996. Replacement and phasing out of the Programme was completed in 2019.

Even though the Alive-O Programme has been phased out of the schools, an objective “reality check” is still highly relevant, because Alive-O’s legacy will live on for a very long time to come in the pupils who received the Programme. Children attended Alive-O during eight very receptive and impressionable years, from age 4/5 to 12/13. This Review by Éanna Johnson PhD presents a “reality check” on Alive-O’s Legacy, examining the Programme itself in depth, and paying particular attention to Alive-O’s approximately 800,000 ‘graduates’, who are currently aged 13-28.

Alive-O Legacy